At SVP, our Finance Analytics practice supports clients with various financial and operational analytics that are useful for evaluating financial and operational performance. Moreover, various studies and reports such as project feasibility studies, financial viability studies, operational efficiency studies etc. are required either to obtain project finance, attracting investors or for taking an informed decision. Our cross functional and multi- disciplinary team can deliver excellent research and reports that suits different purposes.

Feasibility Studies

We conduct feasibility studies for projects and potential investments and prepare reports with professional tools

Financial Analysis

Financial statement analysis to check financial health that can provide great insight in your strategy formulation

Financial Forecasting

We establish future values based on realistic assumptions and past performances

Financial Modelling

Creation of appropriate financial models using spread sheet or other applications to address specific reporting or analytic requirement

Business Plans

Our professionals can draft detailed plans for given business scenario or for new venture or expansion with financial and non-financial information

Our business advisory team provides services to different industries which results from capitalization of strong experience in various industries

Our services go beyond just numbers and compliance to help you better understand your business, strengthen your internal control, better manage risk and improve procedures that will bring trust and credibility to your organization’s financial picture

Our professionals maintain highest standards of quality, integrity and independence in every engagement. Our approach is technology - assisted, risk-based and tailored to your accounting issues allowing us to focus more time in adding value to your business