We are statutory accountants in Qatar licenced to practice accounting and auditing in the State. Our audit helps us not only to assure compliance with applicable reporting standards, but also identification of internal management issues and important insights that can help business to address its present and future challenges. Our audit and attestation services are packed with rigor and we are always committed to maintain objectivity and independence throughout the engagement. When it comes internal auditing, by leveraging our multi-disciplinary capabilities, our Internal Audit professionals can provide a greater level of assurance, as well as insights and recommendations on business strategy execution and redeploying valuable resources toward achieving strategic goals and objectives.

The spectrum of audit & attestation services:
Financial Statement Audit

To check authenticity of Financial Picture by independent verification of financial records and data, including compliance with IFRS.

Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

Auditing for filing for Income Tax Return, meeting other statutory requirements etc.

Performa, forecasts & Projections

Verification of its reliability and reasonableness

Forensic Audit and Investigations

Special engagements to investigate suspicious frauds or embezzlement for use as evidence in court.

Accounting review

This is generally based on inquiry and analytical procedures and provides moderate assurance

Internal Audit and Review

Check authenticity of internal records and reports by systematic verification using established standards

Information System Audit

Check whether information system works efficiently and process data correctly to provide accurate information

Internal Control Evaluation

Check whether internal controls in place are efficient enough to reduce risk and mitigate fraud

Mergers & Acquisition Due-diligence

Appraisal of potential business to evaluate its commercial potential, reviewing its financial records to establish its value.

Verification and Valuation of Assets

Counting inventory, valuation of inventory and Counting and valuation of fixed assets using appropriate methodologies

Our business advisory team provides services to different industries which results from capitalization of strong experience in various industries

Our services go beyond just numbers and compliance to help you better understand your business, strengthen your internal control, better manage risk and improve procedures that will bring trust and credibility to your organization’s financial picture

Our professionals maintain highest standards of quality, integrity and independence in every engagement. Our approach is technology - assisted, risk-based and tailored to your accounting issues allowing us to focus more time in adding value to your business