Finance department needs to gather, interpret and deliver insights that can shape smarter decision-making in the organisation. We help the organisation to set up best functioning accounting and finance department by our engagement. We capture the wider role of finance department. It’s the framework we bring to every engagement, helping finance manager/director to deliver a more balanced set of capabilities to deliver even more value. From strategy to operations, performance management to reporting, we help finance organizations to become the valuable partners the business needs to win. Our finance management related services include:

Setting up of Finance Organisation

We help client to set up best performing finance department by manning suitable talents and sound systems and practices

Managing Receivables and Payables

Help to develop appropriate strategies for speeding up collections and using free finance all by maintaining strong relationship

Inventory Optimisation

We help client to fix appropriate level of inventory using various models to avoid locking of resources yet ensuring smooth operation

Budgeting and Control Systems

Setting up budgeting and control system and monitor and evaluate budgeting and control process

Factoring Advisory

We arrange factoring services (Outsourcing of collection and discounting of receivables) that can ease pressure on liquidity

Corporate Treasury Solution

Solutions for making some profit from surplus funds by making short-term placements

Accounting Policies and Internal Control Systems

Assist organization in drafting and implanting suitable accounting policies and control systems.

Our business advisory team provides services to different industries which results from capitalization of strong experience in various industries

Our services go beyond just numbers and compliance to help you better understand your business, strengthen your internal control, better manage risk and improve procedures that will bring trust and credibility to your organization’s financial picture

Our professionals maintain highest standards of quality, integrity and independence in every engagement. Our approach is technology - assisted, risk-based and tailored to your accounting issues allowing us to focus more time in adding value to your business