We provide consulting services in this area that are designed to help clients achieve desired performance through effective management of regulatory, financial, operational and compliance risks. SVP support clients to develop sustainable regulatory, compliance and risk management programs by working with clients to identify, remediate, monitor and manage risks across the enterprise. Moreover, we assist businesses in designing and implementing governance and compliance programmes to ensure that the company continues to operate within the boundaries of relevant legislation and regulations. Our services include:

Risk Assessment

We can assess and interpret inherent operational risk and discover strategic risks

Prepare for Strategic Risks

Defining and implementing an appropriate response to strategic risk

Enterprise Risk Management

We help you to prioritize risks and develop tools and systems to address the same.

Insurance Advisory

Advice on selecting appropriate insurance policies to cover various operational risks such as fire, workmen compensation etc.

Corporate Governance

Advice on effective oversight and governance measures to ensure good administration that invite minimal threats due to violations

Statutory Compliance

Help you to comply with various rules and regulations in the business environment.

Contract Risk & Compliance

Assist organizations in identifying, evaluating and mitigating risks associated with a particular business contract or deal

Treasury and Commodity Risk Management

We support with appropriate hedging strategies for covering risk of adverse price changes.

Our business advisory team provides services to different industries which results from capitalization of strong experience in various industries

Our services go beyond just numbers and compliance to help you better understand your business, strengthen your internal control, better manage risk and improve procedures that will bring trust and credibility to your organization’s financial picture

Our professionals maintain highest standards of quality, integrity and independence in every engagement. Our approach is technology - assisted, risk-based and tailored to your accounting issues allowing us to focus more time in adding value to your business